We are one of the prominent manufacturers, exporters and suppliers of Pigments, Dyes, Food Colours. These are appreciated by the clients for high color strength, environment friendly, highly concentrated, highly soluble properties, stable and non reactive.

Manufactured using high quality chemicals, these are widely used in different industries such as Plastic, Paper, Rubber, Jute, Leather, Textile and Paint industry.

Our range of pigments, dyes, food colors and Speciality Oil's encompasses following

Organic Pigments Inorganic Pigments White Oil's Food Colour's Industrial Dyes

White Oil's

We have recently ventured in the supply of White Oil's. Also known as White Mineral oil, they are formulated from highly refined hydro treated low pour point base oils.

We can offer you Techincal Grades' which meets the requirements of US FDA 21CFR 178.3620 (b).

We can also offer Food and Pharma Grades which meets the requirements of the United States Pharmacopoeia and European Pharmacopoeia which ensures the absence of any significant sulfur, nitrogen .oxygen and halogen derivatives or unsaturated substances and aromatics.

White Oil's are Colourless, Tasteless and Odorless Liquid.

Application: White Oils are suitable for use in process requiring clear white oils.

Techinical Grade find extensive usage in
Cosmetic Industries ,
Hair oils and Hair Lotions
Shoe polish and
Petroleum jelly manufacturing industries.
Textile processing ( non staining lubrication ),
Incense & perfume manufacture,
Paper and
Food And Pharma Grades find application in
Medical formulation,
Repository vaccines,
Hair oils and Hair creams,
Cosmetics, facial creams and lotions,
Gelatin capsules,
8. Protective coatings for fruits and vegetables,
9. Veterinary preparations,
10. Egg preservatives